Label full cut & half cut, label finisher, cut through label

Label full cut & half cut, label finisher, cut through label

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The laser cutting process uses laser energy to cut through label materials to change the shape or appearance of a material. This results in the complete removal and separation of material from the top surface to the bottom surface along a selected pathway. To complete a label full cut & half cut with the same machine, you need special programming. Cut through label materials with ease using the ANY-CUT III.

This machine makes it possible to cut through label materials of single and multi-layers. When cutting multi-layer material, the laser beam is controlled by the label finisher software. It cuts through the top layer without contacting the other layers. Save time with the convenience of completing label full cut & half cut at the same time.

Add this incredible ANY-CUT III laser finisher to your equipment inventory today.

The 7 Beneficials of the Any-CUT III

  • Create
    The Any-CUT III gives you the ability to create your own unique designs.
  • Cost Savings
    An in-house label finisher will reduce costs – both seen and unseen. Outsourcing can quickly incur high costs. You might also have delays or quality issues that push out the timely delivery of your labels.
  • Control
    An in-house printer and finisher will allow you to complete small batches. You will not need to meet minimum quantities. You can also adjust your label design as many times as you want during production.
  • Complete Flexibility:

The ANY-CUT III does label full cut & half cut at same time. Traditional laser and knife die cutting machines only do one cut type at a time. A laser will also last longer than a knife or blade label cutter.

  • Competency
    The Any-CUT III offers easy to understand instructions. It doesn’t require high levels of expertise to operate.

The Capabilities of ANY-CUT III

label cut throughANY-CUT III can do label full cut & half cut. In order to remove and cut appropriately, there must be suction that will remove miniscule pieces that have been cut. ANY-CUT III  has a powerful suction module that will handle the small, intricate cuts from its full cut program. The scrap tray also keeps the machine clean and functioning properly.

The 250w laser machine has a lot of flexibility and capabilities. It offers speeds up to 45 meter per minute (15k per hour) and an auto job changeover function. This enables the user to set jobs to change when the previous is completed. This reduces user monitoring time. It also laminates and it is easy to clean. The machine can handle up to 350mm width of product. The ANY-CUT III can cut through label materials of different style and thickness including:

Get the Convenience of Label Full Cut & Half Cut in One Great Label Finisher.

Add diversity to your labels with the ANY-CUT III. Contact our team today to order.

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