Comparison of MSDS/GHS-related national penalties

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Nowadays, many chemical companies have misrepresented the content on MSDS/GHS labels, causing problems with the release of the product. This problem affects not only the staff in charge, but also the company at large.

Here is a comparison of MSDS/GHS-related penalty regulations.

Republic of Korea l  MSDS preparation and non-execution: fine of 5 million won or less

l  MSDS Submission and content change not implemented: fine of 10 million won or less

l  (M)SDS for failure to attach warning signs, failure to provide training for workers, and sale of chemical materials: fine of 3 million won or less

China l  Penalty to part 11.12.1

l  A maximum fine of 50,000 yuan or a ban on manufacturing/importing when a company does not categorize or label a hazardous fire under the Hazardous Fire Extract Safety Management Ordinance.

l  A maximum fine of 100,000 yuan or suspension of business and/or production for the same violation

l  Relevant clauses

–       Chapter 2, Article 15: An enterprise that produces hazardous chemicals should provide SDS of the material and attach a warning sign when packaging hazardous chemicals.

–       Chapter 4, Article 37: Unable to sell hazardous materials without SDS and chemical safety signs

USA l  Differential management according to minor violation

–       Imposing $5,000 to $70,000 on each of these violations if the information was not intentionally delivered

–       Six months in prison or $250,000 ($500,000 for corporate owner) for worker deaths

–       Penalties of $70,000 for each violation of regulations, rules, notices, and other similar regulations or imprisonment of up to three years.

–       OSHA may apply additional punishment of 2,5,10 times depending on the size of the project for initial violations

–       Penalties for $10,000 or six months in prison or both for an error in records, violation of non-application, etc.

l  Penalties can be imposed as well as fines

Japan l  Article 24 of Hwagwak Act

–       Those who fail to report or falsely report information on the handling of designated chemical compaounds, etc. shall be fined 200,000 yen or less

EU l  Finland: Information update/SDS/in case of failure to deliver information through sub-supply network

–        Penalties and Fines up to 6 months

l  Sweden:

1.     Inaccurate SDS, insufficient information/duty of sub-users to prepare CSR: imprisonment for up to two years and fines

2.     Failure to complete SDS in Swedish: 5000 SEK, etc.

Taiwan More research needed
Singapore l  WSH (General Clause) Regulation 43(3)

–        Any inaccurate, inappropriate, misleading information provider within SDS or seller who does not provide SDS may be fined up to $10,000

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We encourage you to prepare in advance and apply an efficient MSDS/GHS label system.

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