How to add metallic foil to color labels with any-002

If you want a truly metallic look on your printed materials, then you have to use real metal. However, digital dry toner printers will work well with metallized films. (the best way to check is to ask your supplier for samples and run a test.)

The toner in the laser printer is what reacts with the foil once it’s put through the machine, meaning you can’t use an inkjet printer
Easy to use and relying on the placement of black toner where you want foil, this method works with most current digital devices.

The process is simple:

1.Print your image to black of what you want to see as foil by any-002.
2.Pass your output back through the Vivid Laminator selecting the foil color of your choice. The foil will stick to the black toner and the end result will be a full color print with a metallic foil overlay.
3.Print your color image part onto your chosen substrate using the any-002.

Now you can add brilliant, shiny highlights to your pre-printed or blank labels. It’s fast and easy with any-002 simple metallic foil Imprinting System.
Bright metal is shiny and eye-catching and people have liked it for thousands of years. Now it’s easily accessible for digital print.

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