Case study: Digital flexible packaging printer, any-PACK solution at supplement company

Companies that operate business in Food and beverage industry face challenges on packaging.

  •  The product life cycle is getting shorter.
  •  Need to make a small quantity batch production packaging (various types of products)
  •  Need to keep changing the contents, design, and wording in the packaging to meet the demands of the market.
  •  The QR code, variable numbering must be printed together.

This case study is the story of the company that produces and sells supplement powder. Daniel, the owner of the company also had the same issues as above. But now, he can produce any design, any quantity of pouches on-demand.

Let us have a look at his success story.

Any-PACK solution is an innovative solution that suitable for small quantity batch production and it leads users to have higher productivity and cost-effective production. This solution eliminates the need for plates and setup time, which helps user to deliver speedy turnaround time for every printing jobs.

Features and benefits

Dual-functional printing system

The any-PACK solution offers an on-demand label printing and flexible packing printing for small/medium business owners. You can print full color flexible packaging and labels. There are the two ways to stand out your products.


Variable data printing (VDP) – make it possible to create pouches with bar code, QR code and variable text (or numbering). The key difference between digital printing and conventional printing is the ability to print unique text and graphics on each pouch.


any-PACK is able to print on paper-based materials such as brown kraft and white kraft without smudging. Plus, biodegradable pouches can be produced with any-Pack solution.


The printed pouches by any-Pack solution maintain its quality for a long time as they have superior waterproofing and are less susceptible to the impact of external environments.

Reducing overhead cost and increase productivity with any-Pack solution.


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