7 Advantages of Digital Color Label Printers Better Than Bar Code Printers

7 Advantages of Digital Color Label Printers Better Than Bar Code Printers

  Bar code printers that print information in the form of bar codes are widely used in various industries. In addition to simply barcodes, QR codes, texts and images can be printed and used for company inventory management, warehouse and product management at distributors or processors, drug management in hospitals and pharmacies. Barcode label printers range from small printers to industrial printers, and are available at a fraction of the price. Consumables include a ribbon that acts as an ink and a head that transfers heat to the ribbon. The length of the ribbon is mostly 300m~600m. Depending on the ribbon type, the price differs, from cheap to expensive.

  However, maintenance costs, such as the use of consumables, are high, and only 1 or 2 color printing is available. Also, it’s hard to print small letters well, and there are drawbacks that are weak to moisture. Digital color label printers can overcome these disadvantages, barcode printers have.

There are 7 advantages of digital color label printers over bar code printers.

1. The lower consumables cost

  – Digital color label printers use toner only when you print.

2. It is resistant to moisture.

  – It’s hard to be wiped with water, since using wax toner.

3. It is durable against external environment.

  – It is possible to print labels which are resistant to abrasion.

    any-002 vs barcode, inkjet printer durability test

4. Consumable replacement cycle is longer than bar code printer.

  – Increase work efficiency.

5. Color printing is possible.

  – Full color printing is possible, using C, M, Y, K toners.

6. Printing up to 8 inch labels is possible.

  – Wider printing width.

7. There is no deformation.

  – It does not change color even if it is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time.

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