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The Ultimate Game Changer: Save Steps with the Option To Label Print and Cut Inline

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From 2016 to 2020, digitally printed labels had a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 18%, creating a 3.31-billion-dollar opportunity. That is according to the data provided by Smithers PIRA, “The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2020.” Now is the perfect time for your business to go digital for label print and cut processes.

As label converters look to the future and equipment is updated, entire workflows are transitioning to digital technology. Digital tools are also being introduced to manage existing workflows as the speed and demand of jobs are increasing. True Digital could be your best ally to a seamless print and cut inline production process.

 What is True Digital?

true digital label printingIn the past, the various label print and cut process required several separate steps and different pieces of equipment. True digital is a newer printing method that leverages the advantages of digital printing along with the proven capabilities of laser finishing. It combines laser converting and digital printing into one single solution.

True digital offers a profitable solution for label print and cut converters by maximizing the lasting success of flexographic capabilities, equipping printers to stay current with market trends to meet the needs of customers.

Why Choose True Digital To Meet Your Label Print and Cut Needs?

anyjet inline color label pressOur print and cut inline equipment is 100% digital, but we aren’t the only ones. There are others that are also 100% digital. Most of the inline equipment available on the market is connected, so the digital printer and knife die cutters appear inline. Many of those options are some combination of digital printers and analog rotary die cutters.

The problem is that if it’s not 100% digital inline, then offline knife die cutter equipment will need replacement when the blade gets dull. Between this cost and the cost of new flexible dies, the additional cost of consumables will add up. In addition, if the design or paper is changed, you can’t use the old die and must order a new one.

However, you can print and cut inline on a single roll installation because any-JET II is a 100% digital inline system with a combination of digital printers and digital laser cutters. Its lasers are the greatest advantage because you don’t need die-making for cutting.

inkjet label press inlineInkjet printer
Inkjet is a non-impact printing technology as compared to conventional options. This means that it does not require a master or a plate to carry the design or deliver the ink onto the substrate. This process generates greater productivity by reducing press downtime between jobs and during setup.

label laser finishing anyjetLaser Finisher
Laser finishing can handle a variety of materials, including PSA, paper, abrasives, cork, foam, rubber, neoprene, silicone,  PET, VHB film, 3M tape, abd reflective heat transfer film. this list also includes ablated metals bonded to polyester or similar substrates, as well as abrasives, adhesives, fabric, paper, plastic, rubber, and textiles.

The Benefits of Going Digital for Your Digital Label Print and Cut

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Consumer trends are leaning towards limited editions, variable content, short runs, and high-agility requests. With the cost-effective, seamless customization afforded by digital, brand marketing managers can easily launch more product versions or create localized promotions as part of their marketing strategy. There could be lots of benefits of handling your label print and cut process digitally.

Gain the limitless flexibility and potential of inkjet printers

beerlabel inkjet printing jet2Inkjet printers can be engineered to handle a wide range of substrates for unique application needs. This includes label stocks, corrugated boxes, commercial paper stocks, and more. To suit a variety of markets including label converting, commercial print, and flexible packaging. Inkjet technology can serve the production needs of more print providers and brand owners than ever before.

Inkjet printing can help converters and print providers reduce setup and changeover times. In contrast with conventional printing techniques. Inkjet printing empowers businesses to keep up with market trends. It can improve the quality of the current label print and cut methods. Inkjet printing creates a world of new opportunities by expanding application capabilities and market reach. Needless to say, higher productivity and quick ROI could be your top consideration in purchasing your digital printer.

laser die cutting label

Save time with the laser finisher

The obvious benefit to laser die-cutting is that it eliminates the need for solid or flexible dies, which includes ordering, manufacturing and shipping time, storage, wear, and sharpening. Preparation time and waste are minimal. The operating software is constantly improving, and now can incorporate job data of all kinds and enable auto job changeover—switching from one die-cutting pattern to another without hesitation so you no longer need to stop the machine to change dies between jobs.

Lasers cut with pinpoint accuracy and minimal waste. The creative possibilities are endless. They can handle:

  • intricate shapes
  • contours
  • sharp corners
  • kiss cutting
  • Engraving
  • through cutting
  • bit removal capabilities

Streamline Digital Inline Workflow: ANY-FLOW

workflow softwareRunning inline has challenges due to speed differences. The software integration between the press and laser needs to be finely tuned to account for stops, restarts, speeds, and so on. The ANY-FLOW software includes a RIP function, making it easy to control ANY-JET II’s printer and cutter functions.

When using the print and cut inline system, it can be a hassle to send the job to each piece of software independently. ANY-FLOW software allows a single system to set up both printing and cutting settings at one time without this inconvenience.

It’s Time To Go Digital!

game changer labelThere are definitely advantages to analog machines, but we’re sure there will be more short-run jobs in the future, making digital the best choice. There is no perfect label printing solution, but True Digital print and cut inline any-JET II can change your business in way’s you’ve never imagined.

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