ANY-FLOW: Workflow Software for Inline Label Printing at Its Best

Workflow Software
for Inline Label Printing at Its Best

workflow software any-flow

What is ANY-FLOW?

ANY-FLOW is an integrated workflow software that enables the operation and control of digital color label printers and die-cutting devices within a single software. Typically, digital printers and laser cutting machines have their own respective software, and tasks are performed using each of these software separately. To continuously process printing and post-processing operations as a seamless workflow, support from both hardware and software is essential. ANY-FLOW is a workflow software optimized for ANYTRON’s systems, maximizing productivity for label and packaging job productions.

How can ANY-FLOW complete an inline process?

ANY-FLOW completes the inline process by allowing users to integrate and control digital color label printers and laser die-cutters within a single software. With its user-friendly interface, label production becomes easier than ever before. ANY-FLOW enables users to print QR codes and barcodes, manage color presets, and swiftly edit and control the cutting process—all within the same software.

Support for Perfect Inline Process

Extracting printing and cutting data from PDF files and transmitting them to respective printers and cutters.

RIP Software Features

Offering various RIP functions such as inline control capabilities, variable data printing, and color management, not just limited to control.

Job Management Features

Ability to add, delete, and prioritize each job.

Three Operation Modes

Providing three modes tailored to job characteristics – Print Mode, Cut Mode, Print & Cut Mode.

Quick overview of the ANY-FLOW workflow process


Select the media to use and input page information.


Load the design file.


Configure cutting information (separate settings for full cut and half cut lines).


Generate black marks (sensing marks for precise cutting).


Set the printing order (Job management function).


Transmit data to the equipment.

Workflow Software for Inline Label Printing at Its Best

Imagine pairing ANY-FLOW’s perfection with ANY-JET, Anytron’s cutting-edge fully digital label press. To truly understand the synergy of these technologies, delve into the world of ANY-JET. Discover the seamless harmony between ANY-FLOW and ANY-JET, setting new standards in label-making precision and productivity. Explore the future of label printing today!

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