How can you print text labels for imported goods

How you can print small and clear text labels for your products at your office? packaging and labeling are important parts of a product. If you are able to attract your customers with the way you present your product from the packaging color, style, and even the font style, you are doing it right!

Packaging plays a significant role in marketing. Both packaging and labeling go hand in hand. Packaging enhances the visual appeal of a product. Labeling, on the other hand, provides information about the product to the potential consumer. Labeling fulfills the purpose of a using a tag.

Why is Labeling important?

Labeling of products is essential in marketing for identification of the products. With the help of labeling your product effectively, a viewer is able to differentiate your product from the others available around him. Labels comprise of your brand colors, name, logo and information about the product.

Labels are the most important part of packaging. It is the key feature of marketing. The prospective consumer gets information about the product from the label and can make a buying decision. Labels are also great place to print ingredients so that the buyers are aware of the ingredients of the product and know what they are applying to their hands, face, hair, and rest of their body or what they are putting in their mouth. Customer could get all the information from the label at a glance.

The second purpose of labeling is to get the attention of the viewer. Your product should be packed in such a way that it should attract even those who are not your customers. Both packaging and labeling, help in making the product attractive enough so that people cannot resist it. You can pique a person’s interest in your product with its attractive design and label.

Speaking of labels, it is essential that you use a good quality material for your label stickers.

Today, I will introduce you to Anytron Digital labels printer where you easily print labels for your products, particularly, if you are importing goods to domestic market.

[ There are two ways of how you can acquire a label sticker. ]

▶Method 1: Buying label sticker in printing shop

kraft coffee label

Advantage: The main advantage of getting a text label sticker from printing shop is that when you get label stickers through delivery, you don’t have to do anything. You can just peel off the back paper and paste them on the products.

Drawback: But there is a drawback of buying label stickers from a printing shop. If the law changes, or even your company name/logo or anything else, you would have to discard the already purchased label stickers and then order new ones. It takes about 2-3 days for your order of label stickers to arrive once you have placed the order.

So, it is wise that you order in small quantities. This way, your label stickers won’t go to waste. But see that even when you order in small quantities, it should exceed their minimum order quantity.

▶Method 2: Reprinting text label you bought by using a bar code printer

Advantage: You can print only what you need by using preprinted label.

Drawback: As mentioned above, if the law changes you would have to discard all label stickers you bought previously and order a new ones again. But you could reprint them too. When carbon paper (ink ribbon) is crumpled, it would be hard to read letters on that part because it was not printed well. Also, small letters are hard to read because of poor quality of print.

→The picture of printing by barcode printer

You can solve these drawbacks by using Anytron digital label printers we supply.

Anytron digital color label printer Any-002

digital label printer any-002

Print width: Max 208mm (~8.1”)
Media Size: 80~215mm (~8.4”)
Key features: Roll to Roll production system, Highly stable 8inch OKI LED engine

Here is the photo of the small text language labels printed by any-002

As it is easy to change the contents written on a label by using Anytron label printers, you can print labels as much as you need.
Software which is connected to digital color label printer allows you to use VDP (variable data printing) such as numbering, bar code, QR code.
Labels printed with digital color label printer have durability to scratching and erasing.

You can visit our office and test the printer anytime.

If you are interested in Anytron digital color label printers, please send the image by e-mail.
Then we will make the sample label and send it back to you.

Thank you.