Mastering Label Cutting: Unlocking Efficiency with Laser Technology

Mastering Label Cutting:
Unlocking Efficiency with Laser Technology


When it comes to label production, the finishing process plays a pivotal role in determining the overall quality of the label. While efficient printing is crucial, a lengthy finishing process can undermine the efficiency of the production cycle. In such cases, digital laser label cutting technology emerges as a viable solution to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

There are primarily two methods of cutting labels:

Thru Cut and Kiss Cut.

What is Thru Cut? 

Thru Cut involves slicing through the entire material, crafting individual labels with pristine edges. This method shines when working with thicker materials or when a complete detachment from the backing material is essential. While Thru Cut provides precise, standalone labels with a professional finish, it’s crucial to acknowledge its potential drawbacks. Thru Cut may lead to increased material waste and higher production costs, especially when dealing with complex designs.

What is Kiss Cut? 

Kiss Cut delicately slices through the top layer of the material while leaving the backing intact. Ideal for intricate designs and situations where labels need to stay connected to the backing, Kiss Cut comes with its own set of challenges. One notable difficulty lies in achieving a clean cut of the front layer without unintentionally cutting the back layer. This delicate balance demands precise calibration and may result in inconsistencies, particularly with certain materials or intricate designs. Additionally, Kiss Cut may necessitate extra processing steps for complete label detachment, potentially causing production delays and increased labor costs. Despite these challenges, the gentle touch of Kiss Cut ensures professional-looking labels with organized handling.

While each method has its merits, leveraging both Thru Cut and Kiss Cut together can elevate label design to a higher level, as demonstrated in the examples below.

In addition to Thru Cut and Kiss Cut, perforation cutting is sometimes employed to create special labels.

Perforation Cutting: Adding Versatility to Label Applications 

Perforation cutting introduces versatility to label cutting by creating perforated or scored lines, facilitating easy tearing or folding of labels. This enhances the usability and interactivity of labels, catering to diverse application needs.

Now, let’s delve into why digital laser label cutting technology is worth considering for label production efficiency.

Laser Label Cutting: The Path to Unprecedented Efficiency

 Laser label cutting presents numerous advantages over traditional analog methods:


Cost and Time Savings:

aser cutting eliminates the need for manufacturing dies and reduces labor costs, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The speed and precision of laser technology streamline the production process.


Single Operation for Thru and Kiss Cut:

Digital laser label cutting simplifies processes by enabling both Thru Cut and Kiss Cut in a single operation, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Marking Capabilities:

Laser label cutting technology enables marking, expanding the possibilities for label applications and customization.

Advantages of Anytron ANY-CUT :Cutting-edge Laser label cutting technology

Anytron ANY-CUT II revolutionizes label finishing with its cutting-edge features:

digital laser finisher Anytron cut3- front-small


Increased Speed:

highspeed label cutting

ANY-CUT offers rapid and efficient label finishing.


Auto Job Changeover Function (AJC):

The AJC feature eliminates human intervention, facilitating seamless transitions between cutting jobs. This automation reduces labor costs and minimizes production time, enhancing overall efficiency. It enables the handling of small batch production, a task previously challenging with analog cutting methods.


Modular and Upgradable Design:


ANY-CUT II’s modular design ensures compatibility with Anytron’s printing technology. This design offers flexibility for both current and future business needs, allowing for easy upgrades and expansions to meet evolving requirements. It enables high-quality printing, coating, cutting, and unnecessary waste removal, all in a one-stop solution.

By incorporating these advanced features, Anytron ANY-CUT redefines label finishing, providing businesses with enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and increased adaptability in their label production processes.

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