Making colorful pouches Without printing plates – digital flexible printing

▶ What is In-house Digital packaging and Analog packaging printing?

There are two way of making your own packaging. One is outsourcing (using Gravure analog printer), the other one is In-house

Analog (Flexo and Gravure)

The flexible food packaging market is still forecast to grow at an annual average rate of 3% reaching $248 billion in 2020, with food occupying over 70% of the global consumer flexible packaging market. The label converter will often already be supplying labels to the same customers who are sourcing flexibles.

Traditionally, lead times for flexible packaging printing on flexo and gravure presses have been up to 40 or more days. Today, digital packaging printing technology has been able to bring this down to nearer ten days, or even less. Digital equipment has large companies like HP. Even though digitized, high MOQs still existed, requiring expensive equipment and large facilities that could run factories. However, any-PACK is a turning point in digital flexible packaging printing. It is literally a short-run job-optimized printer that can print one sheet, and anyone can easily access at a small size and at a low cost.

The any-PACK 

is an innovative solution for digital packaging which comprises various data and imaging options. It is perfect for short-run jobs in small office spaces that print out packaging on-demand. In one complete, compact product both printing and post-processing is attainable.

The Advantages of in-house digital packaging printing

There is no high making plate cost, quantity-based price increase

Fast delivery time, printing and packing on-demand

There is no stock cost/ no waste

Printing unlimited variable image data for targeting, customization and personalization (If you want to add variable data in analog printing, you should pay additional charge)

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