Workflow software for inline label printing – any-Flow

any-Flow is the workflow software that allow user to control label & flexible packaging printer and laser die cutter at one software. It reduces time of production preparation and user-friendly interface makes users to enjoy the any-JET II digital inline printer.

Even if when you use inline system, it would be hassles to open the printing software, send the cutting software, and send the job to each software. any-Flow software allows one system to set up printer and cutting settings at a time without this inconvenience.  And it also has RIP software function as well as workflow. You can use various functions such as CMS, variable data generation, and ink consumption check within this powerful software.


RIP Software functions VDP printing, color management, merging files, media saving, label cost evaluation etc.
Submission of PDF file Generation of each printing files & cutting files from data file
Three mode support
Users can choose operating modes which supports as printing-only, cutting only or printing and cutting mode depending on applications.
Job management Sending jobs to printer and die-cutter, controlling jobs(delete, add, change of priority)

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