Why you should choose any-BLADE knife die-cutter?

Why you should  choose Digital knife die-cutter?

The requirements of companies for customized labels for their products can now be fulfilled with any-BLADE. Manufactured by Anytron, it is a digital blade label finisher. With the help of any-BLADE, there is no longer the requirement for firms to contact third-party label printing companies even if they want a small number of customized labels as this system can meet their requirements and provide results in quick time.

It is a roll-to-roll flatbed knife die-cutting system. This system is designed to provide a one-stop solution for diverse customized labeling needs of production companies. From laminating to die-cutting, removing waste to slitting customized labels, this system can do everything for you in one production batch.

There are numerous advantages of any-BLADE. Have a look at them:

Auto Job Changer

One of the most prominent features of this system is an auto-job changer. Therefore, it requires no manual work when it is operated. It is known as an un-manned machine since it can handle multi-jobs on a single roll. It does so by reading a barcode of the individual job. Hence, the cutting data is changed automatically without requiring any manual work.

Various Cutting Function

Any-BLADE boasts of numerous cutting functions that make it a versatile machine. These functions are:

  • Split Cut: Using the split cut function, a long image of up to 2.5 m can be cut.

  • Blank Cut: Blank cut enables the user to cut label without black marks.

  • Cut & Creasing: This function provides creasing and full & half cutting at the same time.

Superior Accuracy by Flat-Bed Engine

Any-BLADE offers accurate results. This is the major reason it is preferred by companies over other similar machines and systems. It uses a flat-bed type engine that helps it to cut curve line in high accuracy. Furthermore, with its flat-bed engine, it guarantees perfect straightness and flawless results.

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