Which Die-Cutter is Better for your Job?

Which die-cutter is better for you job?

Anytron, as part of its tradition of providing its newsletters readers with valuable information, is back with another important piece of information. This newsletter will help you to select the best type of die-cutter for your business.


Let’s analyze the uses, advantages, and limitations of different types of die-cutters!

Analog die-cutters are recommended for cutting simple designs if they are in large quantity. Blade die-cutters offer precise cutting sharpness and they leave no burn marks on the labels. Furthermore, many companies use them as they can support numerous media usage. Another factor that goes in favor of blade die-cutters is their affordable rates. However, they require the use of certain consumable including rubber pad and blade that can add to the expenses. If you are opting for blade die-cutters, you must also be aware of the fact these die-cutters are generally slower as compared to the laser machines.

Digital label printing boasts of numerous advantages. However, they aren’t feasible if your requirement is simple design cutting. Laser machines produce quick results and require no consumables. On the flipside, these machines are costly.

                        LASER         BLADE

Burn mark O X
Sharpness on edge O
Usable media range Mid Wide
Consumables X Blade, rubber pad


laser die cutting labelThe ultimate decision must be taken after considering the requirement of a business and their printing needs. Furthermore, all other factors such as cost, quality, durability, and media range, sharpness, and burn marks must also be considered when taking the final decision. Buying a die-cutter is not a decision that you are going to take every day; thus, it must be taken after thorough research so that it can prove to be a cost-efficient one in the long run. Get a  Free offer (pop-up) to have a look at a checklist that must follow when selecting the best die-cutter for your firm. This will help you to take the best decision.


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