What is the TRUE Digital?

Inkjet + Laser finishing = The True Digital Label Converting

The Ultimate Game Changer in Label Converting
any-JET II 

It’s time to go digital

New Opportunities for Conventional converters

Conventional converters may have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality around production, preferring to use a single asset for an entire production. However, using digital assets for a portion of the jobs can increase production efficiencies and savings for many converters.

Consumer trends are leaning towards limited editions, variable content, short runs, and high-agility requests. With the cost-effective, seamless customization afforded by digital, brand marketing managers can easily launch more product versions or create localized promotions as part of their marketing strategy.

 How digital printing creates value

As label converters look to the future and equipment is updated, the entire workflow is transitioning to digital.

Digital tools are also being introduced to manage workflow as the speed and demand of jobs are increasing. In the past, a company may have had three jobs a day, easily managed by an admin employee; converters may now need to process hundreds. Digital tools can help streamline the production process.

Digital capability also advances label production. In contrast with traditional flexo technology, digital has four differentiating assets—no plates, faster press setup, virtual elimination of makeready and running waste, and easy customization.

What is the TRUE Digital?

The True digital is a printing method that leverages the advantages of digital printing with the proven capabilities of laser finishing, all in a single piece of equipment.


The True digital combines laser converting and digital printing into a single solution. In the past, the various label production steps required several separate processes and pieces of equipment.

True digital technologies offer a profitable solution for label converters by maximizing the lasting success of flexographic capabilities equipping printers to stay current with market trends and meet the needs of customers.

Comparing to other inline digital printing

inline label printer anyjet2
Why not use a rotary die cutter even though it is connected inline? It saves time without two installations, but there’s the additional cost of consumables because it requires producing a new flexible die every time. In addition, if the design or paper is changed, you can’t use the old die and must order a new one.

However, you can print to cut with a single roll installation because any-JET II is a 100% digital inline system with a combination of digital printers and digital laser cutters. Its lasers are the greatest advantage, because you don’t need die-making for cutting.

 Every challenge is an opportunity

There are definitely advantages to analog machines, but we’re sure there will be more short-run jobs in the future, so there is simply no choice but to go to digital. There is no perfect label printing solution, but True digital technology a more perfect solution for short-run jobs than any other current digital or analog device because of its Auto Job Changeover function and True digital inline system.

The time is now for converters to reposition themselves to appeal to evolving brands by fusing decades-long analog expertise with digital capabilities.

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