Webinar : Inline Label Print and Finish any-JET II

Registrer New Webinar : Inline Label Print and Finish any-JET II

anytron inline label webinar

True digital inline label & flexible packaging print and finish any-JET II

In the past, the various label print and cut process required several separate steps and different pieces of equipment. True digital is a newer printing method that leverages the advantages of digital printing along with the proven capabilities of laser finishing. It combines laser converting and digital printing into one single solution.

True digital offers a profitable solution for label print and cut converters by maximizing the lasting success of flexographic capabilities, equipping printers to stay current with market trends to meet the needs of customers.

Join us for a virtual event with a live demo to find out how any-JET II can make a difference in your production process.

anytron to host a FREE webinar on this Wednesday, Sep 29th from 5:00 p.m KST(Korean Standard Time) to introduce and discuss the inline press any-JET II. What are you waiting for?

Can’t attend live? Register to view the webinar on-demand!

What to Expect From the Event:

key consideration inline label process

Key considerations when evaluating technology

Autojob changeover module in Action

Veratillity of Laser : Half/full cut, perforation, split cut

Solution Comparison : Off-line digital print & cutter VS Inline Semi digital VS any-JET II 100% True digital

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