This is what Fulfillment Service are needed: Making multiple labels in small quantity on demand

Making multiple labels in small quantity on demand

This is what Fulfillment Service are needed: Making multiple labels in small quantity on demand

Anytron In-house label Solutions 

for those who are considering a fulfillment system for import/export logistics labels

or who are outsourcing logistics labels! 

No Worries about label stock and lead time with any-JET II

anytron JET2 smart inline label system

Anytron any-JET II is a smart inline label system that allows you to print and cut various types of labels at once with a single roll installation 

Printing, laminating, die cutting, Matrix removal and slitting are all in one unit,

so you can produce various types of On-demand label is immediately

inline label printer anytron

👉 High resolution printing :

Small letters and various colors are clearly printed at High resolution of 1600x1600dpi 

label barcode printing anytron inline printer

👉 printing barcode/QR :

any-JET II can print barcode/QR code 

Laminating lables

👉 Laminating :

It is resistant to water, chemicals, and scratches

because any-JET II has laminating unit. 

label laser cutting

👉 fine quality&high speed laser cutting:

You can cut any shape into various sizes with laser cutting 

Bring in New business to attract customers and increase sales! 

Bring in New business to attract customers and increase sales! 

You can provide a new logistic services by offering a variety of label printing

and cutting away from Existing 3PL servies. 

any-JET II can cut in any shape or size

because the laser cutter changes its shape!

remove the matrix label

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