How did Genoss save U$100 million a year?

it paid KRW 10 million per month and disposed of more than 100 million labels a year when outsourcing to printing shops before, but now it can save KRW 80 million...

ANY-CUT III’s variable data cutting improved Pragati’s customer satisfaction.

The durability of the label was maintained after full-cutting of variable data with any-CUT III for the customer’s satisfaction.
anycut usticket

US Ticket installs anytron any-CUT III laser label cutter

Ann Arbor, MI – US Ticket, a long time player in the event ticket and tag market, has recently added the anytron any-CUT III laser label finisher.

How can afford print labels and pouches without dies?

One of the benefits of using any-JET II is the machine can be utilized both label and pouch printing without making dies.

Long label cutting – Laser cutting application

Long label cutting - Laser cutting application   The…

Destructive/breakable label – Laser cutting application

Destructive label - Laser cutting application     …

Text marking on labels- Laser cutting application

One of the anytron any-CUT laser finisher series cutting function is marking (hatching). You can engrave unique messages your own labels with die-cutting.

Laser Die Cutting Vs. Rotary Die Cutting

Laser die cutting involves uses a high speed laser to cut through substrate. Lasers can be used to make a variety of cuts and do not require any contact with the material.

Etimex Mexico Installs anytron any-CUT III Laser Finisher

Etimex Print (Mexico) is a part of Etimex Group, and is an established leading package and label manufacturer in Mexico. They offer innovative label and packaging services, utilizing state of the art of technology to deliver exceptional products.