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Do you know?

Current Label market situation..
label market status


3 in 4 press installations will be DIGITAL by 2020

In 2011, 33 percent of all new press installation in the North American market were digital. By 2020, it’s projected that digital press installations will reach 77 percent

The top concern cited by converters for not investing in a digital press

was not finding enough business to fill their digital press capacity

73 percent of DIGITALLY produced jobs

‘require a second pass for die-cutting and finishing’


Benefits of digital laser die-cutter

Digital Analog
Laser Knife Check point
No need Mold design Every time for new design
No need Every 1 month Consumables Almost everyday
Immediately 0.5 day Lead-time 2-3 days
Much Acceptable Short-run job Less acceptable
Easy Acceptable Complicated design Difficult
Small foot print Working space Factory
Digital expert (3days training enough) Operator level Highly professional (more than 3 years experience needed)
10 min Setup time More than 1 hours



About any-CUT

anytron laser die-cut, any-cut is post-processing equipment for roll-to-roll type of small batch label printing. You can cut labels using a laser by controlling via desktop PC. In addition, it has functions of laminating, coating, and scrap paper removal which greatly improves productivity. any-cut is much faster than knife cutting thanks to the laser. It does not have an limitation on the location of the label, minimizing the loss of media and is cost-free for tooling, saving operating cost. any-cut works best with any-002 providing a more efficient and easy label printing system.

  • 5,000-20,000 labels can be cut within one hour with no retooling.  Without retooling for cutting, 5,000-20.000 labels can be cut within one hour.
  • The combination of the latest laser technology and vision system guarantees the quality of labels.  Cutting can be performed at precise locations through a small laser beam and a vision system. In addition, consistent levels of label quality can be guaranteed by minimizing the errors that occur during cutting.
  • Time and costs can be reduced by performance that serves a triple purpose .A single cutting can perform laminating and the removal of scrap paper simultaneously. Laminating films can increase durability by protecting the surface of labels and enhance the level of luster. In addition, final labels can be conveniently produced through the removal of scrap paper.
  • You will become an expert with only a short-term training. Fast and easy cutting is realized through the simple installation of roll labels and our custom software.
  • Production is possible without concerns about space.
  • Cutting and marking can be performed simultaneously. In cutting labels, necessary information such as bar codes, numbering, QR codes, date and time can be directly marked on the labels through an exclusive software program.
  • Various media in terms of thickness and type are supported. As the laser can set up the degree of cutting by fine control of intensity and speed, labels can be cut in various patterns in the medium as desired by users.


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