New roll-to-sheet module for print and cut inline system any-JET II

JETII inline label roll to sheet

New roll-to-sheet module for print and cut inline system any-JET II

Introducing the anytron any-JET II, the latest in digital label printing technology. Utilizing Memjet’s Versapass technology, the any-JET II prints high resolution labels, flexible packaging, and more at  speeds up to 18m/min Memjet technology and the high-speed digital label printer connects seamlessly with Laser Die-cutter for direct and continuous communication.

The any-JET II , a game changer for digital label markets, has received much attention for its innovative production lines as well as label converters. Anytron continues to work hard to provide customers with more convenient equipment even after the launch of theany-JET II . The roll-to-roll concept of any-JET II developed, and now roll-to-sheet modules has been ready to meet customers who desire to have option for real short run jobs.

Users are able to supply roll-to-roll prints and laser die-cutting labels as well as roll-to-sheet finished products with any-JETII.

Any-JET II roll to sheet module is an ‘on demand’ digital sheet cutter with no dies or setup costs. Targeted for busy print departments, seeking an affordable, high-capacity device for complete unattended cutting production.

To maximize the capability of Auto job change over, this sheeter unit will open the door for users who want to receive order without any minimum quantity order.

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