Make cosmetic label print and cut with Anytron ANY-JET II

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Make cosmetic label print and cut with Anytron ANY-JET II

Introducing Anytron any-JET II, ​​an all-in-one inline label solution for customers who plan to create cosmetic labels with unique design,

or tired to order labels to printing shop that requires minimum order quantity.

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Most of times, customers must follow minimum order quantity to order labels but it will be lucky if all these labels are being used.

However, with Anytron any-JET II, customers do not need to worry about MOQ anymore.

You can create labels in a single process and this is easiest way to produce labels ever than ever.

Anytron ANY-JET II is combined a digital printer engine and laser cutting engine and these two engines are perfectly synchronized.

Printing to cutting can be done without stopping. You just need to layout all the label designs, and any-JETII will do all the jobs for you.

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Anytron Any-JET II provides high-resolution label printing,

high-quality laser cutting and various post-printing processing such as laminating and slitting.

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Laminating is important in cosmetic industry. It gives glossy effect to make your product look shining

and it gives extra durability to stay in harsh environments.

Slitting knives are equipped with any-JETII and it will help you to increase productivity and matrix also can be removed while producing labels.

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Finally, all the labels will be rewind at dual rewinders after all the process,

This brings you a superior productivity and work efficiency.

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