Case study: LG H&H produces chemical drum label with any-002

Case study: LG Household & Health care  produces chemical drum label with any-002

ABOUT  LG Household & Health Care

LG Household & Health Care, produces surfactants for shampoos and detergents in Onsan Plant, installs any-002 for producing chemical drum label.


In the past, they ordered pre-printed labels that printed warning signs or company logo in color from the print shop and re-printing variable data with barcode printer in house.

It is inconvenient and time wasting.

Before using any-002 , the most urgent issue was that small words could not be printed clearly. In addition, there were many labels that were wasted when design was changed


We need a chemical drum label printer that can print color internally without ordering from a print shop, and we found any-002 which is the most suitable solution for us

We have greatly improved with the problems that we have been experiencing, and after one year of operation, we have decided to purchase 2 more printer

GHS label durability test 


  • Color and variable data printing is possible at a time without additional time and cost.
  • On demand printing leads to reducing stock level.
  • Small letters of 3 points can be printed clearly, reducing complaints from customers
  • It enable to connect to ERP system to print in color with variable data
  • Solve the problem of label adhesive, solve the problem of light fastness and water resistance

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