Laser Die Cutting Vs. Rotary Die Cutting

Laser Die Cutting Vs. Rotary Die Cutting


There are some controversial that which solution is better. The trend has been changing over the year from Analogue system to Digital systems and users are always questioning which system is better for their needs.  

 Let’s have a look at both systems and find out why the trend has been changing.



Laser die cutting involves uses a high speed laser to cut through substrate. Lasers can be used to make a variety of cuts and do not require any contact with the material. The laser power is related to speed of cutting but remember high power doesn’t mean, high quality. The optic system is one of the key factors for quality of cutting. when laser contacts substrate it can leave the marks around the labels and people do not see it as good quality label.

Anytron designs own optic system to optimize the power of laser and always good quality labels are produced with anytron products which are any-CUT I and any-CUT III. Plus, users can use variable cutting functions such as kiss cut, through cut, perforation and marking in one process. Also anytron provides their own cutting program that contains sequential numbering, lettering with laser. Laser systems allow you to have just in time productions that makes save time and cost and anyone can use the machine with simple training.



Rotary die cutting involves using a customized, machined part to cut through substrate. Rotary dies can make a variety of cuts, and is known for its durability. There is no limitation on the media and it is suitable for big runs and also it might be cheaper to laser machines. But you need professional worker to operate the machine and you need huge place to run the machine.


Trend is laser die cutting?

The trend has been changing from long run jobs to short run jobs and to provide various design of labels in small quantity, it must be a digital machine. Then why has to be laser? If you consider production time, manpower and other invisible cost in to the account, it is the way to produce labels.



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