GHS Label Printer Comparison inkjet,barcode vs laser toner label any-002


GHS Label Printer Comparison inkjet,barcode vs laser toner label any-002


 All chemical labels need to fulfill new global harmonized system (GHS), regulations for chemical labeling until just before the deadline in 2015.

Die-cut labels printed on the any-002 deliver outstanding stability and resistance to water, chemicals, fading and smudges when exposed to the harshest of elements. As a result, the any-002 will allow users to eliminate the need for ordering pre-printed labels, reduce inventory and wait times, and allows users to customize each label with variable information in full color – all in a single pass.

  We suggest a flexible and far more affordable alternative – the any-002, which is fully-compliant with all GHS demands by minimizing the budget in migration from mono color thermal label printers.

Look at how two different types of labels that meet both the GHS and BS5609 requirements compare to different chemical compounds.

  The digital color label printer any-002 which passed the BS5609 test is optimized for GHS label. Already a significant number of domestic chemical companies are printing GHS labels via any-002. With the BS5609 certified printing engine,


  you can print labels with excellent water resistance, sunlight resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.


Advantages of any-002

– It can make 5,000 color labels within 2 hours

– Easy operation in handling label media – Small footprint for desktop application – Sufficient of scratch resistance/ sunlight resistance / water resistance.

– Variable data support (QR code, barcode and serial number) as an option.

– Saving time and money for making film and die

– Any label can be printed out at any time in a preferred quantity – Various media support (Paper,kraft paper, PET, approved PP and so on)

– High-quality labels can be produced at reasonable consumable cots