Join Anytron at Drupa 2024: ANY-JET II is Now Upgradable!

Join anytron at Drupa 2024
: ANY-JET II is Now Upgradable!


At Drupa 2024, we are pleased to unveil the latest addition to our lineup, the ANY-JET II Plus. This advanced version of our popular inline Digital Label Press is designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers, providing a comprehensive solution for fast, accurate, and efficient label production, particularly for quantities under 500 pieces.

Key Features of the ANY-JET II Plus:

  • High-Speed, Accurate Printing: The ANY-JET II Plus offers reliable printing speed and precision, ensuring high-quality labels with each print.
  • Built-in Laminating: This feature improves label durability and appearance, adding a professional finish without requiring additional equipment.
  • Precise Laser Cutting: Integrated within the machine, our laser cutting technology provides exact cuts, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.
  • Thru-Cut Stickers on Conveyor: The ability to deliver thru-cut stickers directly onto the conveyor simplifies the production process, significantly saving labor costs and time.

In addition to the ANY-JET II Plus, Anytron is introducing new applications for our inkjet and LED toner printers. These solutions are designed to attract brand owners looking to stand out in a competitive market. Our advancements in printing technology offer reliable and versatile options for all your label printing needs.

Visit Us at Drupa 2024

We invite you to visit our booth at Drupa 2024 to explore more about the ANY-JET II Plus in action and learn more about our latest innovations in digital printing technology. Find us at Booth 5B08 for a live demonstration and to discuss how our solutions can benefit your business.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Anytron as we continue to advance digital printing technology.


Join us at Drupa 2024

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Join Anytron at Drupa 2024: ANY-JET II is Now Upgradable!

Discover the latest in digital label printing technology at Anytron's booth (5B08) in Drupa 2024. Explore the advanced ANY-JET II Plus and innovative printing solutions. Join us to revolutionize your label and sticker production!

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