Digital Color Label Printing and Digital Die-Cutting

Digital Label Printing and Digital Die-Cutting


Adapting digital color label printing system for medium and short-run jobs is the way to satisfy your customers perfect full-color CMYK high quality—within a day job turnaround.

Die-less always means saving both time and costs, digital die-cutting, which means both with BLADE and LASER, multiplies this advantage many times over.



When you need to change the job on the flow, it’s tremendously easy for digital label systems, it may take less than 30% of set up time compare to analogue systems or, you just need to add a new file on the S/W.

Various functions of digital die cutting machine from inline laminating, die-cutting, to slitting, you can leave it work alone when you set up your work and start the machine. When it is done, just collect the completion from the equipment and store or deliver it to the next stage.

Reduce unnecessary cost – for die-cutting, you usually pay for a new die matching to your label, and need to make a space to keep the new die. When you use DIGITAL die-cutting system, you just need to send your file to the machine, setup your printed or non-printed media on the equipment, just as you need. You even may be able to change the label design (cutting line) automatically.

• Integrated Fine cut Laser Cutting Machine technology automates optimized web speeds with no need for operator inputs or training. Even lightly skilled workers are able to achieve defect-free cutting with cut-to-print registration of +/-0.3 mm.

Make Your Digital Printing Offering Complete !


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