Agricultural Product Processing Center at Suncheon City

Agricultural Product Processing Center at Suncheon City

anypack installation


Suncheon City Agricultural Products Processing Center, which opened in May 2020, is the largest agricultural processing center in Korea. It consists of a dry processing room, a wet processing room, a side dish processing room, and refrigerating and freezing warehouse facilities to transform agriculture into processed foods.


Due to the nature of the Agricultural Products Processing Center, it is often necessary to manufacture and commercialize members’ various products in small volumes. Each time, the production and release schedule were often delayed waiting on labels from print shops.

The print shops accepted only large orders, and farms had a hard time managing inventory and costs while disposing of extra labels and pouches. Plus, when dealing with variable data such as barcodes or serial numbers, it wasn’t easy to print them all at once, resulting in additional time and cost.


Agricultural Products Processing Center purchased the any-pack system of anytron and report that their production problems are solved.

 “We can print labels and pouches with any-pack and easily insert and edit variable data with dedicated software,” said Kim, a researcher at the Agricultural Processing Center.

“Most of all, we think the biggest advantage is that we have a lot of farmers who need only a few hundred copies, and we can print them immediately.”


Since the Agricultural Products Processing Center installed the any-pack system, they have commercialized products in small volumes, and members have been pleased that we can try various designs. In addition, we were able to solve multiple problems due to outsourcing.

  • No labels/pouches wasted because you can print the exact number needed
  • Real-time product delivery shortens production time and increases customer satisfaction
  • Promote and market test agricultural products by producing small quantities of prototypes
  • Quickly and easily edit and print a design

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