Boost your sales with the fulfillment service

Boost your sales with the fulfillment service

Boost your sales with the fulfillment service!

Do you only offer simple logistics services(3PL)? 

Now, we need a Fulfillment Service that can expand the business by providing services

such as product classification and packaging, away from the existing 3PL logistics.  

fullfillment service

Don’t you know leading logistics companies are providing label printing and attaching services? 

Customers will choose a fullfillment company that provide import/export labels

in the language of each country from printing to attaching servies

because they reduces the burden of label prodcution, attachment and inventroy…etc. Process. 


the problems that the logistics company is worried about

The problem that the logistics company is worried about? 

Q1. It is difficult to order small batch labels 

Q2. It takes at least 2-3 days to order a label, so shipment date is to be delayed. 

Q3. Labels left in stock and hard to manage inventory 

Q4. The barcode printer for printing the variable data printing (barcode, QRcode) is easily erased in the external environment and cannot print color text. 

Q5. Additional cost sholud be required to cut labels in various sizes and shapes 


(import/export) Nutrition Facts label Printing

Using Anytron In-house Label Solution

any-002 and any-CUT I

Printing and attaching labels to the product

The Anytron On-demand Label solution is: 

1. Optimized for On-demand label production, it can print&cut immediately even if 1 label! 

2. There is no stock because you can print out as many labels as you want 

3. Produce High durability& Laminated labels at once. 

4. supports full-color print, so you can print the your color logo! 

5. you can cut it immediately in various sizes and shapes with a laser Cutting, 

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