anytron Sees Success at K-Print 2021 with digital printing solution any-JET II and any-CUT III

anytron reports major success at K-Print with digital label printing solution

kprint label exhibition

We showcased our products, inline label printing and laser cutting solution in Hall 7. This was extremely popular with visitors throughout the trade fair. The possibility of presenting the latest generation of finishing and embellishing solutions, as well as direct interaction with clients and our partners, brought immeasurable benefits to all parties.

Brian Kim, Sales manaver of anytron, explaining the advantages of the 100% digital inline press any-JET II and Production class laser finisher any-CUT III at K-Print 2021.

Successful exhibit of the  any-JET II and any-CUT III at K-Print 2021

With an unexpectedly high number of orders concluded at K-Print itself, anytron enjoyed resounding success in showing the any-JET II onto the market. The countless visitors to the stand were impressed by the highly innovative concept employed by the press. With the any-JET II, the anytron is ushering in a new era for the cost-effective manufacture of commodity product decorations.

The any-JET II is engineered for fast production speeds and high-quality images. This all-in-one machine is designed to have all functions such as over-laminate, laser die cutting, matrix remove and slitting that are needed when produce labels. Additionally, any-JET II can be utilized on Flexible packaging printing and laser scribing for easy opening, microwave steam release feature pouches.

Brian Kim, recently said that everyone interested in making the shift to digital production is delighted with the any-JET II.  ‘Not only will it enhance your production capacity, but it will also expand the flexibility of your application. The idea of an inline system is that the preparation time for production is cut with about 10% to 20%, which can shave off a lot of time on a normal working day ‘ he said.

K-Print has been a huge success for us. We are extremely happy that our customers and partners have great confid ence in our solutions and new products. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for visiting our stand and our partners for their huge involvement in this amazing event.

any-JET II Label & Flexible packaging press

  • High resolution Memjet inkjet printer + laser finisher
  • Printing, laminating, laser scribing, Matrix removal and slitting in one unit
  • High speed printing and cutting up to 18M/min
  • It is small footprint machine that can be installed in office environment.

any-CUT III Laser Label Finisher

label finisher anycut3

  • 10,000 labels can be cut within one hour with no retooling
  • Cutting, marking, full and half cut can be performed simultaneously.
  • Various media in terms of thickness and type are supported.
  • Long labels can also be cut at one time.
  • Concerns over consumable costs such as the replacement of knife edges are no longer necessar

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