any-PACK Flexible Packaging Printing Solution

Flexible packaging printing solution


On-demand Flexible packaging printing

any-PACK solution is a PACKAGE consisting of any-002 and S/W, R2R laminator and vertical filler for flexible packing printing on-demand. Building up any-PACK Solution to your office to create a complete system that allows you to print a full colorful pouch on-demand.

Introducing any-PACK

Digital flexible packaging printer ‘any-002’

-LED Toner based digital printer

-Tabletop sized compact design

-Black mark sensor

-High durability Label and flexible packaging printing

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Solution configuration

any-PACK solution is a PACKAGE consisting of any-002 and S/W, R2R laminator and vertical filler for flexible packing on-demand. The digital laser printer is water, temperature and abrasion resistant. Using high-capacity toners and drums, high-resolution pouches can be produced at reasonable prices. Thanks to the LED toner printing technology, any-PACK can print on paper such Kraft without smudging, creating an echo-friendly pouches. The printed pouches maintain their quality for a long time as they have superior waterproofing and are less susceptible to the impact of external environments.

Why any-PACK DIGITAL flexible packaging printing?

No need for making plate

Traditional printing methods require plate fees and high minimums for each SKU. However, the digital printing process doesn’t require plates, which means zero setup fees and more flexibility.

Variable data printing at a time

The key difference between digital printing and conventional printing is the ability to print unique text and graphics on each and every flexible packaging. Marketing campaigns can be linked to web content to acquire graphically rich and diverse imagery for product perfection.

Take your new flexible packaging in a day

No more high cost printing and long delivery times. Digital printing gives brands the ability to print to demand and place low minimum orders, drastically reducing costs, excess inventory and obsolete packaging. You shouldn’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your packaging.


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