any-Link – In-line printing enabler

any-Link : In-line printing enabler

any-Link is a compact sized synchronizer for in-line system. This acts as a buffer that synchronizes the speed between the printer and the laser die cutter. any-Link enables a digital label printer to be connected with laser die-cutter any-CUT II.

Previously, you have to do two step process which are collecting the labels after printing and installing it on the die-cutter. Now, you just set up a roll media in the unwinder of your digital label printer and collet the labels from the any-CUT II. After printing, any-LINK stores the media, which is then fed into the laser die cutter at the correct processing speed. It can measure and adjust the output speed of both the printer and finishing system to pause and resume operation during the production process. This allows users to print and die cut labels without needing to take the printed roll to a secondary, off-line finishing machine.

You just push a start button and any-Link delivers the media properly without operator intervention.  The blank roll label is printed by digital printer, is delivered by any-Link. And it is laminated, cut, silt and wounded by any-CUT II when you drink a coffee at your desk. This is a real one-stop solution for digital label printing.

There are four featured advantages of any-Link.

  • Make a perfect in-line system without changing your digital printer

(any-Link is compatible with any digital printer)

  • Save a cost and time by fully integrated printing and die-cutting system.
  • Simply change the job by splicing table which can put an extension to the next roll.
  • Don’t need large space for in-line machine. It is only a quarter of your desk.

Our new modular designed any-CUT II realize 100% in-line printing.  Your two step process of making labels will be become one step process by using any-Link.

Now, anyone can easily produce any design of labels at any time with Digital label pro, anytron.

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