Case study: any-CUT III meets full cut variable data cutting demand

ABOUT Pragati:

Pragati Label in Mumbai is one of the leading Label Manufacturers. Established in 1962, Pragati is the preferred partner of many of our customers for all their quality print requirements. Pragati covers the full gamut of your printing needs, from company profiles to luxury rigid cartons.


Pragati die-cuts labels using a flatbed laser cutting machine. A new business opportunity arose with a manufacturer, which needed highly adhesive roll labels that couldn’t be cut with a conventional machine. In addition, the customer requested full cutting of the variable serial number.

The company looked for a variety of roll-to-roll die-cutting products. To add full cutting of variable data besides normal functions, customized software and a full cutting module were required, which came at an unaffordable price.


While shopping a variety of equipment, they found anytron’s roll-to-roll laser label finisher any-CUT III, which is capable of full-cutting variable data. The company discussed the machine they wanted with anytron manager and tested it several times by sending the media and design files.

They were very satisfied the samples they received, and Pragati purchased the any-CUT III at a very reasonable price without adding new modules or developing software.


“In the past, the serial number was printed on the full cutting label and could be erased by scratches or moisture during delivery. The durability of the label was maintained after full-cutting of variable data with any-CUT III for the customer’s satisfaction.”

Pragati said that the installation of any-CUT III attracted attention from the current label manufacturer and other companies, and they plan to work with at least three new customers in the future.

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