All-in-one Solution for Promotional Label Stickers: ANY-JET II

All-in-one Solution for Promotional Label Stickers: ANY-JET II


When promotion season arrives, the first marketing material that comes to mind is the promotional label sticker. Easy to attach to any product and simple to produce, label stickers are widely used across various businesses. But have you ever thought about the leftover labels after a promotion? Are boxes of unused roll labels piling up in your inventory?

ANYTRON ALL-IN-ONE Solution for Promotional Label Sticker,

ANY-JET II, can solve these issues effectively.

Crafting Promotional Label Stickers

before and after ANYTRON ANY-JET II

Before ANY-JET II:


  1. Warehouses filled with unused labels.
  2. Forced to order more than needed, leading to wasted costs.
  3. Expensive and time-consuming to make changes after receiving custom labels.
  4. Sample testing is almost impossible.


  1. Instantly print even a single label, allowing for sample testing until the desired result is achieved, enhancing label quality.
  2. Print only the required amount when needed, avoiding wasted costs.
  3. Reduced design errors as sufficient sample testing is done before production. Instant modifications can be made if label content changes.
  4. Create label stickers in various colors and concepts without time, space, or cost constraints

3 Benefits of ANY-JET II:

All-in-one Solution for Promotional

Label Stickers:


Produce professional-quality label stickers after just five days of training, without needing advanced printing skills.


The Auto Job Change Over feature allows for seamless job settings and execution between different designs without additional steps.


A single machine handles everything from printing, laminating, cutting, slitting, to waste removal, making it cost-effective and space-efficient for in-house high-quality label production.

ANYTRON ANY-JET II is the ultimate solution for your promotional label sticker needs. With its ability to print, laminate, cut, and remove waste in a single pass, it offers unmatched efficiency and cost savings. Say goodbye to wasted labels and costly storage, and embrace the convenience of on-demand label production with ANY-JET II. Whether you need just a few labels or a large batch, this all-in-one machine ensures high-quality results every time.

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All-in-one Solution for Promotional Label Stickers: ANY-JET II

Effortlessly create high-quality promotional label stickers with ANY-JET II, Anytron’s all-in-one digital solution. Print, laminate, cut, and remove waste in one step.

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