Accurate Pharmaceutical Label Printing: In-House And On-Demand

Accurate Pharmaceutical Label Printing: In-House And On-Demand

Pharmaceutical label print

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is vital to print clear and accurate labels for customer safety and to meet ever-changing FDA regulations. For quality and timely printing, It is imperative to have a durable and reliable in-house pharmaceutical label printer.

Your complete label printing solution is right here with Anytron. We offer several options for a quality pharmaceutical label printer that is ideal for both manufacturers and distributors within the industry. These printers allow for both fast and flexible label production for all of your private label and re-labeling needs. By meeting printing needs in-house, manufacturers and distributors are quickly able to respond to any FDA compliance labeling changes.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an In-House Pharmaceutical Label Printer

Flexibility to adapt to government regulations for pharmaceutical label printing

Some of the challenges that come with labeling nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products are the increasing changes to FDA requirements. Whether it be new symbols or updated medical information, you need to stay up-to-date and compliant with the regulations for pharmaceutical label printing. Having an in-house pharmaceutical label printer gives you the adaptability and flexibility you need in order to stay on top of the demands of your business.

Avoid production delays and expenses due to outsourced pharmaceutical label printing

Pharma label printingOutsourcing your pharmaceutical label printing can take weeks for delivery and it will leave you with fewer opportunities to make changes to your design. The cost to outsource label printing is one thing, but you should also take into consideration the loss that production delays will bring to your business. These are the expenses that can go far beyond just the cost of the label. Unhappy customers can be a devastating expense.

When you have a pharmaceutical label printer on-site, you can design, modify, and print your label on the same day. It completely eliminates the stress of meeting minimum orders for vendors, expensive purchasing rates, as well as shipping fees. Printing your labels in-house is extremely cost-effective over the long-term and can lower your stress level.

Ability to print pharmaceutical labels for multiple packaging

Completing your pharmaceutical label printing on-site for primary and secondary packaging can help you maintain an organized inventory. It also gives the ability to print same-day labels for products that are on tight deadlines to be imported or exported.

Maintain legible product information with a quality pharmaceutical label printer

Creating labels in-house can help to include all the required information but still maintain legibility for the consumer. When you own your own pharmaceutical label printer, you have complete control of the ink quality.

Ability to take care of issues immediately as they come

In-house pharmaceutical label printing allows you to be able to save time, save money, and reduce waste. By printing your own labels, you can create clean and professional labels that are easy to modify. With your own pharmaceutical label printer, you can design and create labels for many different types of packaging according to your packaging needs without minimum order limits.

Your Complete Solution For Quality Pharmaceutical Label Printing

Avoid costly repairs and replacements with a well-built pharmaceutical label printer From Anytron

The digital color label press, ANY-002, or the in-line color label press, ANY-JET II, would be a great choice for printing stunning and precise labels. If you require the ability to print white on your labels, be sure and take a look at our new ANY-JET II inkjet print and laser cut in-line solution.

Anytron label printers are some of the most affordable on the market, taking up as little space as a desktop printer, without sacrificing print quality. Our versatile inks and media also allow you to print your labels on-demand for as little as pennies for each label. Our low cost of lifetime pharmaceutical label printer ownership will impress you.

Anytron has an extensive line of pharmaceutical label printer options, roll systems and finishing systems that we have extensively tested with a large variety of media. Let us help you configure the perfect combination of media, inks, and hardware to fit your particular needs.

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How to prevent counterfeiting with our high-quality pharmaceutical label printing inks

pharmaceutical label printing includes prescription drug and medical labels, among others. These differ from any other type in that they are often subject to counterfeiting. To protect brands from these practices, label converters need to invest in additional protection measures, such as micro text and raised images. Apart from that, these labels require fine details and are often printed on certified substrate. For these circumstances, it is recommended to use a pharmaceutical label printer with digital LED toner technology.

led label printer

In order to outsmart counterfeiters, label converters and brand owners can do three things:

  • Build counterfeit deterrence, product authentication and brand protection technologies into the design of the label or package from the very beginning.
  • Combine technologies so as to provide the most effective overall brand protection solution.
  • Try and make each individual package or label unique.
  • Change the solutions on a frequent basis in order to keep ahead of the counterfeiter.

In other words, it’s all about being unique and being able to clearly distinguish the genuine product from the fake one. The 1200 dpi ANY-002 pharmaceutical label printer with dry toner technology does just that and can help you use the following techniques to fight back against the fakes.

#1: Achieve excellent image quality to easily detect counterfeits

Above anything else, these labels need to be clearly legible for the end user, even to the smallest letter and number. For the label converter, this means an investment in high-resolution pharmaceutical label printing technology is important. Digital presses equipped with dry toner are the best choice, as they can achieve a print resolution of 1200 dpi and give consistent results. Other technologies (barcode printer and UV inkjet) have a lower resolution of 800 – 360 dpi.

In other words, every label will consistently look exactly the same. This achievement is simply unattainable with UV inkjet, where variation is typically unavoidable. Any malfunction of the nozzle also has a direct impact on print quality. To achieve excellent prints, you must have a high-quality pharmaceutical label printer and inks.

#2: User certified substrates to make counterfeiting more complicated

medicine label printerThe substrates used by the industry are in many cases certified by the brand owner. Altering the composition can lead to re-qualification, which is highly undesirable both for the printer and the brand owner. Dry toner provides the ability to print on all standard materials without any primer or pre-treatment.

In order to achieve high-quality pharmaceutical label printing results that are hard to counterfeit and that can be used on certified substrates, digital printing technology with dry toner is essential. The ANY-002 pharmaceutical label printer combines a number of useful features for label converters, such as:

  • superb label printing quality (CMYK full color printing)
  • printing speed up to 9m/min
  • accurate pre-cut sensor
  • Easy to variable data printing with any-RIP S/W
  • High durability for Water, UV, Scratch (Durability test Video)

Anytron is your complete answer for quality inhouse pharmaceutical label printing solutions. Contact us today to place your order.

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