Label die-cutting

Laser technology is commonly using in Label industry.

Analogue die cutting (rotary die cutting) was the only die cutting method in label industry but the market trendy is rapidly changing from mass production to various type of labels in small quantity.

In order to response to the market demand, analogue die cutting has many disadvantages such as cost for making dies, time to make dies, set up time for production etc.

Digital laser die-cutting save you the problems

However, laser die cutters can come up with solutions for mentioned above.

No dies are needed and set up time for machine is within 10 mins. Skilled or experienced operators are needed for analogue die cutter whereas label designers can operate laser die cutter. Furthermore, various cutting functions can be executed in one path of job. half cut, through cut, marking, and perforation. You can enjoy variety of cutting functions by changing laser parameters

What benefits you will get from anytron label finisher?

Anytron’s any-CUT II and any-CUT III are the compact design die cutter that can be installed in office environment. Just need design file and mouse, anyone can operate any-CUT machine.

Most of users are worried about brown edges or white edges but anytron specially design optic system to minimize the damage on the labels. Also Auto job change over function gives users to save on wasting media as well as time for production.
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